Warehouse Rental Service And Safe Long-term Goods Storage

Looking for a warehouse for rent in Vietnam isn’t easy. As your business grows, you may require a location to create or store products and stocks. However, currently, many businesses are facing difficulties in looking for warehouses for rent in Vietnam. If you are having trouble looking for a warehouse for rent in Vietnam, then, […]

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Warehouse Rental Service And Safe Long-term Goods Storage

Looking for a warehouse for rent in Vietnam isn’t easy. As your business grows, you may require a location to create or store products and stocks. However, currently, many businesses are facing difficulties in looking for warehouses for rent in Vietnam. If you are having trouble looking for a warehouse for rent in Vietnam, then, you are at the right place. In this article, Nhà Xưởng 365 will help you gain a deeper insight into the types of warehouse leasing, how to determine your space and leasing needs in industrial area in VietNam.

What is a warehouse for rent?

These days, looking for a warehouse for rent in Vietnam is becoming a trend to adapt to the “new-normal” state of the post-pandemic situation. Not only that, Industrial and logistics real estate segments are also being expanded to meet high demand from users. So, businesses and manufacturers have to adjust flexibly to these changing circumstances. That leads to finding an industrial area for rent in Vietnam. Now, let’s find out what warehouse rental service.

Warehouse is a place to store and preserve raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products (goods) with the aim of providing customers according to their needs in a quick and cost-effective period.

So, what is a warehouse for rent? Warehouse rental service is a service of providing warehouses for businesses and individuals to serve the purpose of looking for warehouse for rent to storing goods and raw materials. At the same time, warehouse leasing units will regularly provide the most detailed goods status, storage process and stock status to partners who are using their warehouse rental services. Warehouse leasing is a type of service that is common today. This is considered as a solution to help businesses store goods efficiently, saving considerable time and costs.

Moreover, warehouse rental services are currently most commonly used in the fields of production and logistics. Warehouse locations are usually located near industrial parks, export processing zones, ports, airports, etc. to facilitate transportation and storage.

Information for looking for warehouse for rent in industrial area in vietnam
Empty warehouse unit with shiny floor

According to Nhà Xưởng 365 experts, improving industries and rising consumer spending would cause Vietnam’s warehouse demand to rise significantly in the future. As a result, the warehouse rental rate is expected to increase by 1.5 – 4% per year in the coming years.

Analysts believe that Hanoi will be the primary focus of the northern warehousing market. In the latest plan, Hanoi warehouse rental service developers will focus on leasing warehouses and transportation for the fields of information technology, automation, etc. Besides, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, and Vinh Phuc also emerged as a place where the demand for warehouse rental is increasing gradually. Most of these localities have many industrial areas, new infrastructure, good connections to seaports and arterial traffic routes. And these are the key factors stimulating the warehouse market demand of these provinces.

For the southern provinces, the systems of highways, river ports, seaports, and international airports are more developed. In particular, Ho Chi Minh City is home to many airports and seaports. This leads to increased demand for warehouses and industrial land.

Common forms of warehouses for rent

There are many different types of warehouse leasing depending on the use and quantity of goods. Nevertheless, private warehouse leasing and public warehouse leasing are the two primary types of leasing available in industrial area in Vietnam today.

A private warehouse is used by only one enterprise. Large enterprises with abundant financial resources will tend to looking for private warehouse for rent to store their goods. This form is implemented by renting a full package from a production warehouse rental service provider.

This means that everything in the warehouse will be yours. Since this is your own space, it requires you to invest more money; including training and construction costs. Make a plan that fits your company’s budget if you want to look for warehouse for rent. In addition, this warehouse is dedicated to storing your company’s inventories, so the commitment to owning will be longer than other types of warehouse rental. You are free to hire an exclusive team for your warehouse, control who goes in and out and be able to visit at any time.

Advantages of looking for private warehouses for rent

  • You can own a high level of control and unlimited storage space in case you have to use it unscheduled.
  • Solely your company uses the warehouse’s space.
  • You can train your team specifically for the warehouse and your supply chain alone.
  • You may have control over the daily activity and management.

Disadvantages of looking for private warehouses for rent

  • It is more expensive than a public space
  • It is only suitable for large-scale manufacturing companies
  • You have to agree to make a long time commitment.
  • You pay property taxes and various costs.

Public warehouse for rent

Public warehousing is a smart choice if your firm is small or medium-sized and looking for private warehouses for rent on a budget. Public warehousing is a form of central warehouse used by many other businesses. While the rental agency has the responsibility for managing and storing commodities, but only businesses that are registered have a right to own products. There are two different types of forms.  One is a short-term rental (monthly) and the other is long-term (more than 1 year). 

Advantages of Public warehouse for rent

  • It is cheaper than private warehousing.
  • It can be convenient when utilized for short-term storage.
  • When the amount of goods in a month decreases, they only have to pay for their used storage. 
  • There are no hefty start-up fees or property taxes.

Disadvantages of Public warehouse for rent

  • You have to share the space with other companies.
  • When the amount of goods increases, enterprises have to spend more to rent other warehouses.
  • In some cases, the enterprise cannot flexibly resize the storage space because the contract is still valid at that time.

Benefits of a self- managed warehouse?

Be proactive in arranging, storing and managing goods

Your company can control whole process from inventory control, optimal space utilization, equipment maintenance, internal material flow to management routines, monitoring and related cost control. You can clearly track the products directly until they are delivered to the customer. Therefore, this will allow companies to integrate warehouse functions more easily into their entire logistics system.

Plus, with more control, private warehouses have greater flexibility in terms of design and shipping to suit customer needs and product characteristics. This means that companies that specialize in one product type will not see a public warehouse as a viable option. In addition, individual warehouses can also be changed through expansion or renovation to facilitate product changes.

Diverse warehouse area

This is possibly one of the key factors influencing businesses’ decision to build their own warehouses.The current long-term warehouse rental service offers customers a variety of options in terms of area such as 100m2, 500m2,… Based on the quantity of goods, businesses can flexibly prioritize the corresponding warehouse type.

For example, let’s imagine that your sales suddenly doubled because your product has become fashionable and your rental Warehouse is full. You can rearrange the entire warehouse, shuffle the racks, or rent additional for the time of expansion if it is seasonal.

Safer, more secure

One of the next benefits of a self-managed warehouse is its high security. Because your company will control all the condition of the goods, you can preserve the quality and quantity of the products in stock. You can personally ensure that your products are stored, handled and taken care of properly.

Moreover, A well-maintained private warehouse will keep workers safe. Firstly, the rental private warehouse is fully equipped with a security camera system and fire fighting equipment. Secondly, the factory will be constructed with sufficient ventilation to create a comfortable working environment for staff. Next, tenants have the right to install additional locks on their own to protect the security of the property. Finally, security team is available 24/7 to control access at each rental warehouse.

Suitable for many types of business

Self-managed warehouses are often used for many personal storage purposes such as preserving furniture, clothes, wine, decorations, documents, etc. Therefore, this warehouse form can be suitable for many types of business, especially a seasonal or event business.

Benefits of a self- managed warehouse
Benefits of a self- managed warehouse

How to find a Warehouse for rent Vietnam

There are already several units offering industrial warehouse rental services to satisfy the demands of enterprises in a variety of industries. Business owners who are looking for a professional factory rental unit can do a study of client feedback regarding their use of these units’ services. 

Not only that, your companies can work directly with these units to pick which warehouse is the most suitable. Investors should rely on the name and reputation of the warehouse rental unit to determine its prestise. 

In the field of industrial real estate, Nhà Xưởng 365 is currently one of the market leaders in providing factory rental services. Let’s find out more information about us below.

Warehouse rental service at Nhà Xưởng 365

Self-managed warehouse plays an important role in the process of storing goods. Therefore, looking for a reputable warehouse rental service provider is always a concern for many businesses/individuals. Understanding the customer’s demand, Nhà Xưởng 365 provides you with quality warehouse rental service at an attractive price.

The entire self-managed warehouse system of Nhà Xưởng 365 is always in the group of key economic regions of the country with high investment capital. From the warehouse location, businesses can easily connect to airports and seaports, especially large consumer markets. In addition, customers can also receive countless attractive benefits when accompanying Nhà Xưởng 365.

If you are looking for warehouse for rent, warehouse rental service at Nhà Xưởng 365 is smart choice 

Warehouse available at Nhà Xưởng 365

The Warehouse available system at Nhà Xưởng 365:

  • Located in an important traffic hub of the key economic region, offering excellent quality labor with affordable labor costs and the relatively high proportion of young workers.
  • Attractive rental price, diverse rental area with flexible time.
  • The security system includes cameras, fire fighting, and 24/7 security.
  • Design in accordance with business and production requirements of customers.
  • Construction quality standards are guaranteed.
  • Manage construction on schedule, comply with schedule, quality and safety standards.
  • The storage system of the warehouse built at Nhà Xưởng 365 is also equipped with a rooftop solar energy system. This is considered as the largest solar energy project to date.
Warehouse available at Xây Dựng 365
Warehouse available at Nhà Xưởng 365

Benefits of customers when renting warehouses at Nhà Xưởng 365

When using Nhà Xưởng 365’s services in industrial area in VietNam, you will receive attractive benefits including:

  • Factory system, warehouse with completely new design.
  • VR virtual reality technology helps customers access factories and warehouses quickly and conveniently.
  • Offers completely FREE comprehensive support including initial accounting, legal, recruitment and HR support.
  • Provide customer care system through mobile application (App Mobile)
  • Nhà Xưởng 365 enhances its responsibility to protect the environment through its solar energy system, standard tree density, and sustainable development orientation.


In today’s article, Nhà Xưởng 365 has compiled with you information about types of warehouse leasing. If you are looking for warehouse for rent in an industrial area in Vietnam, please contact us through the information below.


With the aim of elevating the value chain, affirming the strong development in the field of industrial real estate, Nhà Xưởng 365 was established with the main activities: leasing factories, ready-built warehouses and building to  your order.

The system of warehouses and factories of Nhà Xưởng 365 is located in key economic regions of Vietnam, strategically located, with convenient transport connections to airports and seaports, and to large consumption markets.